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Submitting a blog to Technorati blog directory is an important step towards SEO and also to get more traffic. Whenever you submit your blog to Technorati it generates a unique code for each blog.

Verifying process of Technorati claim token is important to claim that you’re blog’s real author, So here I’m are writing a simple tutorial on how to verify Technorati claim token.

Tehnorati Logo

1. First Make sure you know your RSS Feed Link, because it’s mandatory for verification process.


  • Open WordPress DASHBOARD. Expand Posts -> Click on “Add New” then As Post title you can give anything. (i.e. Technorati Claim).
  • In case of Blogger, Open Blogger DASHBOARD. Click on “Create New Post” icon near respective blog and give Post title.

3. In Body Section Just Paste your Techorati Token which you have through e-Mail and Publish post. The code will look like AB123ABC12A1.

4. After publishing the post, make sure your claim token is visible in your RSS feed.

Check Claim
Check Claim

5. Login to your Technorati account and click on “check claim” for your blog.

6. Click on the verify claim token.

Verification Success

So If everything is successful within couple of seconds you will get a message like this “We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review.”

Note :- Once your blog get updated on Technorati then you can delete the published post with Technorati Token Code.

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2 thoughts on “How to Verify Technorati Claim Token – WordPress, Blogger

    1. Hi Amit,
      Just open that .txt file using notepad. There will be a code similar to “AB123ABC12A1″. Just copy & Paste using above method.


      Upload that file to website root directory using “FTP/File Manager” .

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