Web Design Essentials

Web design can be simply defined as the process of planning and creating a website, utilizing images, text, graphics and media to produce web pages seen on web browsers. It creates the place where users experience and appreciate the website and thus, play a vital role on the presentation of the website to the public. Web design must utilize key elements in ways to create appealing web pages that help accomplish the website’s goals.

  • Navigation

A user’s overall experience can be gauged in the ease of navigating around the website. Users need to get around the website through well placed links, guiding them to other content that interests them.

  • Usability

Visitors in a website are also called users for the reason that they use your website to obtain what they need. They may be looking for information, entertainment or products that led them to your website. Make sure that the web pages are used the way you intend them to be and that users will find the pages easy to navigate, read content, browse products and purchase them. If they want to post comments, they should be able to do so. Websites that feature digital media, such as videos and music, should make it easy for users to select, play and browse for music or videos.

  • Accessibility

Web pages, content and other elements in your website must be designed for quick access. Pop-ups, boxes and other things that prevent users to access content on your site will keep them away for good. People go to a website to gain access to information, media, content and products. If you make it difficult for them, they will just find another site that will make it easy for them. There will be a slim chance that they will come back to your site, which means that you lose customers and revenues.

  • Aesthetics

Web design is first and foremost a process to create websites that are aesthetically pleasing to users. Web pages cluttered with ads, content, images, graphics, pop-ups and many others are just plain ugly. Users will never want to stay on those kinds of websites, let alone revisit.

  • Content

Content is King. Although this hackneyed phrase has been mentioned in numerous articles reiterating it, the phrase remains to be true. Even with the rampant black-hat SEO websites, good content still reigns over others, making them reliable sources that people always refer to. They offer value to readers, enriching them and letting them have a good experience with the website. In web design, content must be placed in high esteem and let it guide readers to take action.

  • Direction

Users want to be directed when browsing web pages. They do not want to think, figure out which way to go and how to navigate. Make sure that your design will direct users to your site’s featured page and let them take action from there.

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