HTC Droid DNA Review

HTC has put everything it is capable of into the latest surprise for the year, in the form HTC Droid DNA. A spectacular smartphone bleeding cutting-edge hardware, it’s simply a meticulous work of technology. Here’s a look at its features:

 HTC Droid DNA


HTC manages to impress us with a 1920 x 1080p HD resolution on a small 5-inch screen. The super LCD 3 technology from HTC offers sharp and vivid colors, along with some of the best viewing angles. The blown up text looks outstanding, thanks to the 440 pixels-per-inch technology. This has definitely raised the bar for the next wave of smartphones and tablets.

Performance Quality

Qualcomm’s current flagship processor, DROID DNA is quite remarkable. It offers instant app load and Full HD video plays, which is judder, and lag free. Whether you’re pushing it out to your big-screen TV or watching it on HTC’s own display, you will not be disappointed.

Build Quality/Design

The premium design of this phone features splashes of Verizon’s DROID red colors on the front, back and sides. The use of lightweight plastic around the front, along with a polycarbonate soft-touch rear and soft-touch back design together offer added durability.
Besides the massive 5-inch display, this phone has 3 capacitive touch buttons for navigating Android, speaker grill and notification LED, and 2.1 megapixel 88% wider angle front facing camera. Both sides are neatly wrapped with a red accented “Lamborghini inspired” grill. There is nothing on the left edge, while the right edge has a flush and hard to find volume up/down rocker embedded. The power button, 3.5mm headphone jack, and 4G LTE SIM tray is placed on the top, while the micro-USB port and microphone slots are on the bottom.

Camera and Video

The DROID DNA uses 8-megapixel/2.1-megapixel combination. This phone has Sense 4+ and full HD video recording at front and back. There’s an optional timer countdown option, which reduces phone-shake when you tap the button while clicking self-portrait shots using the front-facing camera. Also, if you leave the camera app active while locking the phone, it bypasses the lock screen when you next hit the power button.

Battery Life

We were concerned that the DROID DNA wouldn’t hold up to daily use due to a 2,020 mAh battery and no option to swap it out for a second pack.
However, the cloud plays a huge role in the ownership experience of the DROID DNA. This includes videos and photos that are automatically uploaded to Google+, Facebook, along with push services like Twitter, Facebook chat, etc. Use the DROID DNA as it’s arguably “meant” to be used, and it can go from charged to flat in under seven hours.
But if you’re more sensible with auto-uploads, and resist watching 1080p videos, you can get a day’s use from it.
Verdict: The DROID DNA is big, bold, and beautiful. Looks like the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 just got some real competition.This is going to be one of the best mobile phones in India.

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